What are the consequences of refusing sex
Sex is a natural human need. Failure or prolonged abstinence has a negative impact on health.

Let’s start with the fact that the human body is one of the most complex mechanisms in nature. And not only from the point of view of the physical device, the unique psychology of the “crown of nature”. Moreover, such complex factors as different sexual Constitution, upbringing, values, and so suggest that every person is individual and unique.

Therefore, experts say, one size fits all is not going to fix your hair. And yet, virtually all of them agree in the point that a really prolonged lack of sexual satisfaction many people will face health problems.

Yin and Yang

To argue that, for example, a man want sex more, and women less or Vice versa will be incorrect. Such claims lie in the plane of psychology, family, religious upbringing, cultural environment, but to physiology have no relation.

To maintain physical and mental health sex and man and woman equally, and here is how often “do” this useful work every body “solves” itself. It depends on the individual characteristics of each person: the sexual Constitution, temperament, etc.

But if the person owing to various reasons does not have regular sex? Or has it really? Unfortunately, and this is scientifically proven fact – for a long period of abstinence can cause a number of problems and even serious diseases. Read more about this amendment on the floor.


Ladies skip ahead and talk about them.

Gynecological diseases – one of the most serious consequences of abstinence for the female body. Their cause lies in the fact that in the event of sexual arousal the blood rushes to the genitals, and in the case that sexual intercourse happens, then it stagnates in the pelvis. The consequences of different adnexitis, mastopathy and other gynecological diseases. In addition, often women because of the lack of sex are painful menstruation, and to cope with pain lethal dose.

Problems of the immune system. Physiologists have long been proven that those people who have regular sexual intercourse, immunity 30% higher. In the formation of the immune system, sexual life makes her very important contribution because the sex stabilizes blood pressure, maintains the tone of blood vessels, is an excellent prevention of strokes and heart attacks.

Weight. Many women try to compensate for the deficiency of endorphins (happiness hormones that are released during sexual relations) food. Accordingly, receiving the desired pleasure, ladies quickly gaining extra pounds. And some are finding an even worse alternative – alcohol. The consequences of such a replacement, probably even worse than the extra pounds.

Hormonal disruptions. One of the unpleasant consequences for a long period of abstinence – increased number of male hormones in the female body. It significantly deteriorates the quality of the skin, appear early wrinkles, unwanted hair on the face small pimples. And due to the lack of collagen (the sex stimulates its production), the skin ages and before, loses its firmness and elasticity.

Psychological sphere. Depression, bad mood, irritability, a woman with unregulated sexual life, as they say, is visible from afar. And replace sexual satisfaction, whether we like it or not, can neither dietary supplements nor psychotherapy.


Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, the risk of developing prostatitis. The older the man, the more fraught with danger for a long period of abstinence.Moreover, a Mature guy in order to get back in shape will need more time, and possibly the assistance of a qualified sex therapist.

Psychological aspect. Like women men long-term abstinence may occur adverse changes in mental health. He becomes irritable, nervous, there is a tendency to depression or aggressiveness. In that case, if abstinence coincides with a midlife crisis, psychological danger increases.

Hormonal disorders. These changes are not only fraught with the accumulation of extra pounds and skin problems. The overabundance of hormones appears negatively on the male psyche, there may be obsessions, various delusions, split personality.

Reprogramming of the personality.Don’t want to scare our men, but sometimes a consequence of sexual abstinence is the change of sexual orientation. The absence of the possibility of sexual intercourse with a woman for some men turns into the fact that they are sex objects begin to consider persons of the same sex.

How often?

A definite answer to this question is no. Although sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies of the person, frequency of sexual life a purely personal matter. Trust the body, be guided by his needs and in no case do not turn the joy of communicating with the opposite sex in some mandatory procedure “for health”. But also remember that not finding out, sexual energy will begin to eat the body from the inside.