Tips to consider ahead of signing a cell tower lease agreement

House and commercial lease contracts differ from cell tower lease agreements.This is because of the specialized utilization of the cell tower which is also referred to as unmanned communication facilities. Unlike the other types of lease, this one is presented by the tenant and not the landlord. It is crucial that the landlord reads everything in that document and comprehends it previous to signing it. Listed are tips to tips to consider ahead of signing a cell tower lease agreement.

On the document, make certain that you lease only the needed space. Majority of the carriers will request for a lot more than they require to be in charge of the area. Some of them actually end up leasing the extra space to other developers leaving you out on the deal. Make certain that you have an idea of the ideal space they need to operate the cell tower and specify the space they will receive. Negotiate for the least amount needed for them to perform their work so as to capitalize on the other part left.Incase they need more land then you ought to charge them at a higher price for them to have it but always account for the extra land in the rent.

Make sure that the lease agreement indicate that the future rent will go up so as to cover yourself incase of an inflation . Renting your land for the cell towers could end up taking years for the lease to expire.Shun away from having a flat rate of payment but ensure that you negotiate on the manner the rent will rise so that you are able to survive inflation.If you do not do this, you will end up loosing a lot of money and making a loss.

It is wise that you consult a professional prior to you signing the lease. It is good that you bring your specialist to the table because the tenants will have theirs. Invest your time on looking for experts that have knowledge on cell tower contracts and ask for their aid.This type of professional will guide you on what is acceptable and what to avoid in the lease. They are at the top of their game and have excellent know-how of what you ought to receive from the deal to be profitable.The experts have negotiating skills that will come in handy when pricing your rent helping you capitalize fully on the deal. Follow their advice, and at the end of the deal you will not regret it.

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