5 tips for conceiving a baby

On average, the probability to conceive and get pregnant in a single menstrual cycle is 20%. Here are some tips that will help increase your chances of conceiving.

1. Be patient

We should not be running for a consultation with a gynecologist, if you live a regular sexual life and since the beginning of your attempts last year. Don’t make love too often and not too rarely – through day, not once a week. Regular sexual intercourse increases the chances of getting pregnant.

2. Pose

The bulk of the advice in this delicate matter are based not on medical research and, in the ordinary course of school physics. As the law of gravity has not been canceled, better to refuse the variations on the theme of the “female rider” or “both partners are standing.” Preference should be given to the return of the classic: the missionary position and “on all fours”.

3. Stop the diets!

Eating low-calorie foods and, as a consequence, weight loss, negatively affects the hormones responsible for fertility. If you want to lose weight and become a mother have to choose one or the other. If you choose the latter, then do not forget about proper nutrition. Get rid snacking on the go. And remember that a significant increase or decrease in weight greatly reduce your chances of getting pregnant. So try to normalize your weight before pregnancy.

4. The “right” season

Fertility may depend on the time of year. Depending on what you want – know that the most productive (in terms of quantity) of the sperm are in the early spring and late autumn. And sperm motility reaches a peak in late summer and early fall. The ideal season for conception is considered the beginning of winter (remember cool!). Use this cold bad weather to good use!

5. Say goodbye to bad habits

Should both partners to not only give up cigarettes and alcohol, and even coffee. Reduce coffee consumption if you find it difficult to abandon it altogether! Proven that caffeine adversely affects reproductive activity.