People are conventionally divided into 3 categories based on sexual Constitution.

– weak sexual Constitution. In men is characterized by narrow shoulders, wide pelvis, growth of mammary glands. Women – menses painful, narrow shoulders, and pelvis. The need for sex in this group small.
the average sexual Constitution. As to owolosenia body of men, it is normal as the physique. The need for sex arises several times a week, which means early occurrence of impotence and frigidity.
strong sexual Constitution. The attraction of such people appears in early childhood and maintained to old. Women and men abundant owolosenie genitals. Males have large broad shoulders and a powerful Adam’s Apple. Women wide hips, big Breasts, big nipples. The need for sex daily.

Men can happen pseudohomosexuality in connection with an imaginary physical defect. Usually, it is men with defects in appearance, deformation of the penis or small size, problems with erection or ejaculation. Mostly these men obtain the drug generic Viagra to be always with good erection and not see defects in it.

There is another option, when a Mature man understands that he was not able to realize themselves in life. It tries to compensate for wins in women.

Hypersexuality may be manifested in constant chaotic relationships, in order to escape from burdensome reality. In the people, just sexaholism. Such people are usually creative or age-related crises, loss of jobs. The output of the mistress can look for a man who has lost interest in his wife. Thus, it Zebedee to understand that there is still a capable man.

If You suddenly increased libido, it would be a cause for concern. If the hormonal level normal after passing the tests, find the cause in the minds of sexologists or psychologists.

Honest communication with your doctor will help you to find “whence legs grow”. Don’t forget that hypersexuality is not a reason to loose behavior, and reckless behavior, adultery, violence. Because the person that something is different from the animal that can control their desires.