Does viagra prolong intercourse. Demolish a myth


Quite a few men are concerned, and can Viagra delay ejaculation so that intercourse became longer? The answer is simple – no. But why? All due to the fact that sildenafil, the active ingredient of this drug is not capable, apart from strengthening erections, prolonging the act. This active ingredient increases blood flow to the penis, that is, during sexual arousal the elastic member becomes a maximum. This is already all know. But what of the extension of sexual intercourse?

Sexual intercourse can be increased in different ways:

– masturbate before meeting with a girl;
– during sex think about something abstract;
– to change position in sex;

So why Viagra doesn’t prolong the sexual act?

The mechanism of prolongation of the act is an inhibition of the impulse coming from the brain to the penis. Sildenafil has no this operation, even there is no side effect. The PDE-5 inhibitors type does not affect the impulses in the brain, for the extension of the act meets the cerebral cortex that sends impulses to the penis.