Reasons Why Social Media Is One Of The Best Platforms For Auto Dealerships If you try to walk into any kind of auto dealerships, you will probably see a car salesman trying not to look bored and trying to act all happy after waiting for hours and hours on his desk for people to walk in and try to look at cars that they can purchase for themselves, You may have also overheard their sales managers telling them these stuff below: It is a waste of time to splurge into social media Social media will not help them with regards to bringing in traffic
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Social media is not that much of a use for auto dealerships
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If you have already been into a number of car dealerships, you may have been wondering as to how these sales managers call their employees who just sit on their desks while they wait for customers to come in and ask them about few car questions. If you hear sales managers talking about how social media is not useful for their employees to bring in traffic to their businesses, you would then probably wonder as to how much traffic advertisements and television commercials have given to their business. This would lead to the most obvious question: how has the outbound marketing affected them and what are the benefits they have received through it if we only see their employees casually lazing around the office since they have waited for customers for the last few hours of their duty? Unluckily, these car dealerships have been working like those people long ago who passionately wait for buggy buyers to buy their horses. Years ago, travelers would usually go to local livery stables to find horses or buggies that they can purchase. These livery stables back then had their own blacksmiths to do some repairs on horseshoes and buggies and they also have stable hands to have the horses of the customers curried. The livery stable’s owner is the one responsible for the selling and renting of their available horses to the travelers and customers alike. These livery stables often had their marketing strategies summed up through referrals, signage scattered around town, and newspapers advertisements. Lets us now tackle on the twentieth century. Vehicles are basically what the citizens use in order to transport them from one place to another. Auto dealerships have basically replaced the then livery stables. Since technology was introduced to the whole world, people have been starting to use social media as a platform for them to relay messages to other people. If you think businesses can never use social media as a platform for them to have their products and services known to the world and also use it as a means for their marketing strategies, then they are basically insane to think so.