Hiring A Cabinet Maker Professional cabinet makers are aware that quality is the foundation stone of their profession. They admit that if they can’t do top quality work, they shouldn’t be wasting your time. Also they know that if a product is made too speedily with a bad outcome, no one will remember how speedily it was created, but they’ll remember the substandard workmanship. By doing your research ahead of time and seeking referrals from friends or colleagues, you can perform a better analysis of prospective applicants. This process helps you find a good contractor. At the end of the day, the cabinet maker you hire should:
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Pay attention to the particulars of the design throughout the planning phase
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Be flexible in their project designs Flawlessly match trim, millwork, or pieces of furniture Work from a whole new perspective, making sure you get something unique Use high quality materials, hardware and construction techniques Be capable of remarkable craftsmanship Here are questions you should ask a cabinet maker during the interview: Will all of the cabinetry work be performed by you or will you order them somewhere else? The answer needs to be yes because no reputable craftsman would risk damaging their reputation by using mass produced products. Can I get some client references and speak with them? The contractor should be able to provide an ample list of referrals you can approach for testimonials of his work. If he is hesitant or gives you all sorts of excuses, consider it a red flag. Can I see take a look at some0 of the work you’ve done before five years ago? This can be a crucial question, as we know that cabinet makers often promote only their recently completed projects. With the opportunity to see some old work, you will be more reassured that your prospective contractor is capable of building durable cabinets. Do you handle your own finishing? Some cabinet makers do their own finishing while others contract this and other parts of the job to a third party. If they have good quality control, this should not be a problem. Do you just build cabinets or do you also offer assistance with other projects? A quality and skilled cabinet maker will give you a positive response. This only means that you can complement other projects with your preferred cabinet maker and keep everything in one place. Can I come and visit your workshop and showroom? Reputable cabinet makers usually don’t have an issue with this, but don’t think they will have a very tidy working area. Instead, look at their workplace as an indication of their skills and expertise. In fact, creative people rarely work in perfect order, so as long as the workmanship is good, this shouldn’t be an issue.